Hey 👋🏻, I'm Sönke.

A full stack web developer from Hannover, Germany.

Portrait of Sönke Peters, fullstack web develper, in front of a light gray background.

Sönke Peters

I have been interested in computer science and programming since I was 14. Today, besides school, I'm fully focused on fullstack web development with Javascript and Typescript tech stacks. Especially cloud-native with AWS.


How I can support you

From frontend to backend - this is everything I am familiar with.

Languages and frameworks

Networking and Cloud



Selected work in web development

I have been working as a freelance web developer since 2021. In the meantime I got to work on various client projects in different teams. These are some highlights of my current/past work.


Selected side projects

In order to get in touch with new technologies and expand my practical knowledge, I am constantly working on projects on the side. Take a look at what I've created.

Interested in working together? Shoot me a message!